the origin of the comic
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How did it all begin:
The concept for Gone Astray began with, and continues to be inspired by various roleplay groups that I have been involved with in the past with the occassional bad pun I can’t resist.
Originally the main characters were drawn in a picture as a birthday present for a friend in the group, each of the individuals loosely based around the personalities of our own characters – that picture should be found in the gallery but isn’t – I’ll have to rescan it.
The characters evolved further into a series of skits and pun sketches that mainly revolving around the suicidal paladin who was a part of the RP group at the time. After collecting a large swathe of different sketches and ideas around the seven characters I decided that they deserved a strip and here is the ongoing product.

The realms travelled here are strictly from my own imagination, but as my mind is crammed full of many sci-fi and fantasy fictions there may be some familiar places or parodies on existing worlds. I’ll create a map for the interested as I get time and experience in such matters (and invent a few more locations).