On Guildmarks and Guildtokens:
Guildmarks are small amulets granted to bards both during their First-Journey and later in their careers. These objects may be associated with particular sites, earned through great feats or bestowed as favours by powerful individuals withiin or associated with the guild.
‘Marks’ are similar to the pilgrims tokens of our own medieval world. Each guildmark is unique to the place from which the bard gains it. A Guildmark cannot be sold or stolen. They are magically bonded to the bard that receives them and disappear if the bard dies or is stripped of membership by the bardic council.
Most guildmarks contain a spell that can be used daily. (images to come)

dotThe First Step guildmark is given to every beginning Bardic Journeymin – this token has a minor charm woven into it to prevent blisters and foot ailments in its bearer.

dot“Twist in the tale” is a guild token awarded at the three eistedfords that occur in Torren each year. The token is given to those with the best storytelling abilities and grants the bearer +3 to charisma when atttempting entertainment or distraction.

dotThe Library of Myzda’s Guildtoken is The Spiral Page. It allows the clear recall of the content of one page per level of any book the bard has read in the past. (Usable once per day).

Five of the most fabled and impossible to attain ‘Marks are Cats footfall, Cuckoo’s Nest, Fish’s Breath, Fern Lady’s beard and Bears Patience. The only one bard of legend have attained all five.

mousedotOn Ballads: Snippets of song from my concept books to come. I’m one of the first to state I’m not a writer – however there are some lines which have occurred during storyboarding that I shall share once I’ve gotten the rest of the pages up and running.