Species: Placen mus
Class: Thief


Alignment: Chaotic good

Age: 23
Diety: Galitruen, God of fortune and trading
Weapons of choice: Throwing Daggers and light crossbow
Allergic to cheese
Current fortune: (Not including wealth in *other* peoples pockets) a half-handful of silver and some lockpicks.


Brey rarely takes life very seriously, he currently has no real goal in life but to avoid his arranged marriage and follow the challenges and whims that catch his eye at the time.

Never having wanted for anything has left him a little cushioned from the real world, a sharp contrast to Fhy. However he also has a long family history in merchanting circles which has made him both well aware and, when he puts his mind to it, most capable of the measured dance that is politics. Too distracted to be considered a dilanttante Brey’s only real interest in the past has been in learning skills which would distress his mother, a rebellion against her attempts to slot him into society. Namely the skills of a thief, cutpurse and gambler.

Father –
Coros, Mother – Arneli, Sibs– Tontren, Sandif, Halisen, Tamsin, (Breytiran), Kallikora, Darinoe, Lalisuin, Yaniasi

Brey’s family has historically and still is an influential power in the primary merchants guild of the Torren.
From a young age Brey tended to rebel against the strict protocols set for he and his twelve siblings by society and his mother. Sneaking out of the family home whenever he could Brey became acquainted with what his Aunt would have termed as ‘the undesirables of society’ at an early age, gaining skills from his fellow street urchins that interested him far more than ledgers and accounts, especially those that would have given his mother kittens had she known of his exploits.
He has been an infrequent visitor to his family home, preferring to stay in one or another inn around the city of Merchant’s Nest until recently when his mother decided it was high time he was married off and began organising the official betrothat ceremony for the bride he had been promised to wed from birth. Brey managed to escape the night before his wedding and hasn’t been home since.

Fhy and Brey met several years ago in a pub where Brey caught Fhy *attempting* to cheat at cards to gain enough coin to pay for a meal. After helping the overly honest equine escape his creditors Brey bought him a meal and questioned him on life on the road. From this encounter came an unlikely friendship, often half forgotten as Fhy travelled elsewhere to wars and battles.

View of other party members:
Fhy: One of the big people, his slower ruminations balance brey’s snap decisions. Brey sometimes feels a little guilty for dragging Fhy into situations. He then figures that Fhy *did* follow by his own free will and generally needs the money an escapade brings more than Brey does.
Gip: A pretty mystery Brey can’t help but pick at. Gip has proven herself generous and skinflintish with information on herself. Her snap mood changes, usually from anger to apology, catch his curiosity. Brey trusts her on instinct despite this and wants to earn her good opinion. Fhy’s he has unconditionally but gip is at war with her own nature.
Keko: Louder dressed and more extroverted than himself at his best Keko is taken with a pinch of salt. The little Brey’s heard of her music has been impressive but he finds her self absorbed and somewhat shallow. Like recognises like.
Mae: Brey worries for Mae’s obvious need to be protected. He can feel that hawk-nun breathing down his neck to keep an eye on her but can almost see the words ‘Victim, please mug me’ floating over the ewe’s head.