Species: Marsu myrmeceo
Class: Ranger

Str: 14
Dex: 16
Con: 13
Int: 14
Wis: 14
Cha: 15
Alignment: Chaotic good
Age: 128 give or take a few solar rotations
Diety: Calestri

Weapons of choice:
Long sword, short bow specialisation (with racial bonuses) and two weapon style
Mild Phobia of crowds, rampant phobia of magic

Current fortune: 10 gold, 8 copper coins of various realms, three river washed agates and a snail formed out of emerald

Silent in the undergrowth, graceful on her feet, Gip could be seen as a ranger straight out of a bards tale. However she does not quite fit into the percieved steriotype of ‘Elf’, or as she would prefer ‘Marsupia’. Despite using the bow Gip is also proficient in her two enamel handled blades and tends to use them as much if not more than her ranged attack when defending herself.
She is a silvery grey with a brindled tail and


Gip tends to remain silent when she doesn’t have anything to say, a trait that irks the verbacious Keko to some extent, however Gip also manages to avoid giving elvishly indecipherable answers to questions – if she doesn’t want to answer it she wont.
Quite outgoing in comparisson to the steriotype held by most of the placens she meets Gip is somewhat an oddity. It is very rare that marsupia leave their own realms to interact with the younger races.
However she does have a tendance to regard others with the slightly condescending air of an elder to children. Given that she is over a hundred this is, at times, a little understandable.

At times, with her plain garb, manner of speech and actions (She prefers ale to elven wine?!?), would indicate that she is trying not to be elvish. This may be linked to the general alienation most placens feel when they encounter one of the elder races.
An unusual sub-species of elf, Gip is one of the few diurnal (day active) of the marsupia, the myrcmeceo, and, an unusual individual in herself, she is as able in the trees as she is on the ground.
Gip is a wicked shot with her bow and uses her two long swords with a graceful efficiency.

Gip fled her home several decades ago while still, in the eyes of her own race, a very young teen. She spent six decades in a coma after a magical accident that killed a sibling and plunged herself and one other into unconciousness.
She has recently suffered another bout of unconciousness due to a rain of emerald snails and realised that the dream-person from her child-hood coma is not a figment but another actual elf somewhere else in the world. Gip has avoided interacting with others since then and is only now coming to realise how lonely she had been living as she had – hermit like and aloof from all races.

View of other party members:

Fhy and Brey: Gip trusts these two placens despite her ingrained habit of solitude. Fhy she sees as a bit docile, she has yet to see him really fight, but he is stolid and dependable.
Brey, now that a sort of ‘personal space perimeter’ has been established, she is most comfortable with. He reminds her of her older sibling and that he can speak fluent Marsu makes her eager to speak in her native tongue, though she still shys from it for the homesick-heartache it causes.

Keko: Gip originally disliked the bard for her misty eyes renditions of fairy-elf songs but has since come to respect the canid for being steadfast despite her flippant garb. Keko has also cottoned on that sugary songs irritate Gip and doesn’t play them in her presence.

Mae: Barely a lamb. Gip worries that she will have to be coddled along. The cleric seems wary of doing anything incase the weaver does not will it.